Green Cross International Water for Peace, Okavango Project - funded by The Ministry for the Development Co-operation of the Netherlands

The recently completed Green Cross International (GCI) Water For Peace project on the Okavango River demonstrated the effectiveness of the approach. Allowing the OKACOM Commissioners to meet outside of their office environment and interact with the ecology and people of the Okavango Delta made each of the upstream basin states acutely aware of the point of view of the downstream state. This opened the doors to the sharing of goals, obstacles and objectives.

Sharing Water: Towards a Transboundary Consensus on the Management of the Okavango River - funded by USAID

Sharing Water is an initiative that recognises the complexity of the Okavango/Cubango Basin in terms of its international status, its cultural and economic diversity and its ecological importance.
Water and Ecosystem Resources in Regional Development - The Okavango Challenge - funded by the EU-Commission
A Compilation of All the International Freshwater Agreements Entered Into By South Africa With Other States – funded by the WRC of South Africa

South Africa shares four rivers with its five neighbours – the Incomati, Orange, Limpopo and Maputo.

Various SADC-RBO Capacity Building initiatives - funded by Inwent and GTZ.


Legacy of the Cold War in Southern Africa.

The legacy of the cold war and, by proxy, the civil war fought in southern Angola is one of unfulfilled potential. The province of Cuando Cubango in Angola played host to a variety of armies fighting over its control since the late 1960’s.


Text-book publishing.

As part of our commitment to generating an African body of knowledge on water management issues we publish and contribute to university text-books and policy documents. The aim is to provide students, researchers and decision-makers in the region with relevant case examples based on scientific principles.


A Hydropolitical History of South Africa's International River Basins - funded by the WRC of South Africa.

The hydropolitical histories of South Africa 's four international river basins – the Orange , Limpopo , Incomati, and Maputo – are complex and fascinating.

WARFSA-AWIRU Research Project into Water Demand Management, Natural Resource Reconstruction and Adaptive Capacity – funded by WARFSA

This study consisted of an extensive survey of eight sites in two countries, one water scarce ( Botswana ) and one relatively water abundant ( Zambia ). The surveys covered a wide range of issues, with the norm be to collect 200 completed questionnaires from each of the eight sites.


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