Papers presented at the Hydro Hegemony workshop held at King’s College London 21/22 May 2005
  • Ethiopia – Challenges to Egyptian Hegemony in the Nile Basin – 97 kb
    By Cascao

  • The Impact of the Tigris and Euphrates water crisis on the environmental catastrophe of Iraqi Marshlands – 1.04 MB
    By Mohammed AL-NAJIM

  • The Luso-Spanish Agreements for the use of shared water resources. A model to other International Hidrographic Basins? – 117 kb
    By Amparo Sereno

  • Hydrohegemony as a layered cake - Hydro-hegemonic strategies the case of Turkey – 117 kb
    By JeroenWarner

  • Hydro-Hegemony Theory – a Framework for Analysis of Water-related Conflicts – 382 kb
    By Mark Zeitoun

  • Article: Traditional Water Governance and South Africa’s "National Water Act" – Tension or Cooperation? - By Daniel Malzbender, Jaqui Goldin, Anthony Turton & Anton Earle

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